We provide a host of services that include:

Risk Exposure Consultants are a young, vibrant, energetic petrol retail occupational health, safety and risk management specialist working towards your compliance and a safer future. We believe with the correct effort we will be able to protect you and your staff from any external forces. Our commitment is providing you and your staff with necessary tools allowing them to protect your brand , themselves and the public.

We seek to provide a foundation to satisfy customer needs regarding health , safety and risk management in the workplace . with the ever increasing external factors affecting the business industry our Goal is to increase efficiency in the industry of managing risk , providing the best customer service , improve employee training and workplace safety awareness and provide a platform for retailers to comply with their petroleum company.

We value a safe accident free working environment for our customers and give added attention to your P-People, P-Process, P-Property and E-Environment as these components make up the components of your business. Our Vision is becoming a leading safety support brand by providing superior support ensuring a safer environment for the community.


We provide a host of services that include:

  • Compliance Management
  • Petroleum specific Safety File Compilation)
  • Site Inspections
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Site Planning
  • Safety Signalling
  • Incident investigation
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments
  • Fire Equipment Supplier & Inspection
  • Monthly Retainer Services
  • PPE Supplier
  • Legal Appointments
  • Onsite Medical Clearance
  • License Registration
  • HWSETA Approved Training Courses
  • First aid Level 1 Course
  • First aid Level 2 Course
  • First aid Level 3 Course
  • Basic Fire Fighting Course
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Course
  • Health & Safety Representative Course


Our Company Policy is guided by our 6 Point code


R.E.C Being specialists in the petrol retail industry will undertake the design process from the ground to complete your compliance pack and not only design but also customise the system according to your company goals and vision. From each license until every regulatory requirement R.E.C will prepare whilst the only thing you will have to do is declare.


R.E.C can also implement systems that will enhance your HSEQ plan to work more efficiently and effectively to meet your specific petroleum company standard. According to your need we also implement to spec your petroleum company standards in order to align your system to meet the compliance standard.


One of the major challenges facing the petroleum industry is the need to maintain a standard in an ever evolving environment. With R.E.C lots of our teams effort goes into maintaining the level of compliance by constantly making improvements allowing us to maintain a quality level of working.


We offer the most affordable and comprehensive retainer services ensuring your site is constantly up to date with the enforcing of the various regulations and the OSH act.


One of our Company Goals are improving and enhancing the level of employee training and with the level of experience behind our training department your guaranteed effective staff in your workplace.


We ensure that our full attention is given to you as the client in order to monitor the progress of our implemented system, Quality of our service, level of our training and consulting services.

Our Clients:

  • Total Melmoth
  • Total PMB
  • Total Ohlanga
  • Caltex Five Star
  • Caltex Abaqulusi

We are proud to be accredited by:

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